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Some Signs You May Be A Hippie
The original hippies of the 1960s are still alive and well today, though their grandchildren may refer to them as 'neo-hippies'. Despite the passing of time, many similarities exist between these two generations. Core values such as peace, love, and understanding remain at the forefront of a hippie lifestyle. Beliefs such as living a sustainable life and caring for the environment are just as hip in today's world as they were in the 60s.
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You go out of this world the same way you came into it - NOT TRUE

You go out of this world the person you have become. I grew up hearing “you will go out if this world the same way you came into it.” I don’t agree with this at all. I came into this world as a baby, I will go out as a father, son, grandson, entrepreneur, believer, adult and many other things. We leave this planet with the memories we have created, some good, some not so good.  


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