Some Signs You May Be A Hippie

The original hippies of the 1960s are still alive and well today, though their grandchildren may refer to them as 'neo-hippies'. Despite the passing of time, many similarities exist between these two generations. Core values such as peace, love, and understanding remain at the forefront of a hippie lifestyle. Beliefs such as living a sustainable life and caring for the environment are just as hip in today's world as they were in the 60s.


The hippie movement is still alive and well, although modern hippies look very different from their original counterparts. Public gatherings such as music festivals are a great way for modern hippies to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss their beliefs, hopes, and dreams for a better global society. This is an important factor in the broader acceptance of the hippie lifestyle among today's youth. Music remains an important part of the culture and hip hop has become an integral part of modern day music festivals.


Many Hippies reject the consumer culture of mainstream society and choose to live an alternate state of being. Younger people are drawn to the hippie lifestyle because it is seen as a way to make their own individual statement. Drugs are sometimes used as part of the hippie lifestyle but not always accepted by mainstream society. The hippie lifestyle is about living your life in a way that is outside of the accepted norm, and many believe that this alternative way of thinking has become more hip than ever before.


The hippie subculture began in the 1960s and was a youth movement that rejected mainstream American life. By the 1980s, hippies had become young urban professionals who still embraced countercultural values. Today, there is a new generation of young people that are embracing the hippie lifestyle. Whether they live in the United States or around the world, they are looking to reject what they consider to be oppressive elements of mainstream American life and instead focus on living an alternative way of life.


Hippies, or the 'Hippie Movement', have been around since the 1960s and have had a marked influence on cultural ideologies, youth cultures and music styles. Hippie ideals are based on love, peace and harmony; they aim to live in harmony with nature and promote a healthy lifestyle. Many hippies are influenced by psychedelic rock music as well as punk youth culture. They embrace elements of the Beat Generation's lifestyle such as whole foods market, second summer festivals and hip fashion choices. The hippie culture is one that is ever-evolving; it has been embraced by generations of young people who seek to express themselves through alternative lifestyles.


Modern day hippies feel an inner connection with the world and nature and strive to live in ways that are good for their health and the environment. They often use organic skincare, beauty products, cleaning products, and buy organic produce. Many modern girls enjoy trendy frocks but also take long walks in nature to connect with a higher power. Hipsters embrace the hippie culture with love; they look for new ways to express themselves through music, art, fashion and food. The modern hippie is a hip individual that loves life, peace & harmony; someone who is looking for creative ways of living without harming themselves or the planet.


Some signs that you may be a hippie include wearing clothing made of natural fibers, recycled tires, or other eco-friendly materials. Late 1960s hippies often wore flowers in their hair and men wore beards and long hair. Neo-hippies also have a love for natural hair, such as dreadlocks or braids. Modern hippies are often found listening to popular songs about peace & love from the 60s era; they are usually seen wearing bright colors and attending music festivals. Many modern hippies practice yoga or meditation as well as advocating for eco-friendly products and causes. Hippies can come from all walks of life – young, old, male & female – but they share an idealistic view on how to live in harmony with one another & the environment around them.

According to Urban Dictionary, a modern hippie is someone who has “a hip and unique style, often characterized by wearing colorful clothes & long hair”. They also tend to believe in peace and love, rejecting the status quo of society. This type of personality comes with a set of beliefs such as living a more natural lifestyle with essential oils and other forms of alternative medicine. This can be seen through their clothing choices as they wear more traditional fabrics like hemp or cotton rather than synthetic materials. Hippies are known for their flower power mentality which is why they typically wear bright colors and patterns that express themselves confidently. Despite being associated with the 60s & 70s, modern hippies still exist today in some form or another – embracing the same ideas but with a modern twist!

Hippies are free-spirited, liberal-minded people who live with love, freedom and spirituality at their core. Many believe they are Indigo Children or naturalists – those who have a special connection to Mother Earth and her gifts. They’re hip, child-like in their approach to life and not afraid to go against what the media says people should do or be. They live a lifestyle of simplicity, connectedness to nature and being true to themselves over material possessions.


Hippies found support in one another and were known for their ideals of peace, love, and human fellowship. The Hog Farm commune, established by Wavy Gravys (also known as Hog Farm) provided security to many hippies who sought a safe haven from the outside world. The permissive ethos of the farm allowed members to express themselves freely and openly. Many famous musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and others found hip refuge at the Hog Farm to connect with like-minded people who believed in a better world.

This was the beginning of the Hippie movement in the U.S.A. as they left San Francisco in search of peace and freedom from the Vietnam War, often displaying their beliefs with psychedelic clothing and holding nationwide demonstrations for world peace featuring a large minority wearing somber colors, long hair, and a Peace symbol on their clothing. Hippies were hip to many things happening around the world such as civil rights, women's rights, and environmental issues; advocating for change through music, art and protest.

The modern day hippie embraces these same values and carries them with them, wearing their beliefs on their sleeve. Instead of a blingy watch, they are likely to have several beaded bracelets or a mala necklace with meaningful stones. They prioritize mental clarity over things that don’t matter, like how many calories they ate in one meal or whether they made it to the gym today. They are more likely to spend a long layover in an airport meditating than watching movies or shopping. I guess I am still a hippie.  My long hair has gone, mainly because of inheritance rather than hairstyle choice. Peace and love.

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