10 Ways to Sneak Candy into a Movie Theater
Gasp! High priced movie theater candy! How could we ever forget the tribulation of this pre-covid pastime? Just when we thought the price of movie theater tickets were inflated past the point of no return, movie theater snacks become an...
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Company Specializes in Harvesting and Preserving People’s Tattoos After Their Death

Cleveland-based company Save My Ink Forever offers people the opportunity to have their tattoos preserved as artworks after they pass away.

Third-generation mortician Michael Sherwood and his son Kyle came up with the idea for Save My Ink Forever a few years back, while having a few drinks with some friends. One of them said that he would like his ink preserved somehow and asked the Sherwoods how he should go about doing that.

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25 of the Absolute Best Dogs for Seniors

Retirement life can be a dream. You finally have time to do what you want. But with the kids gone, maybe you want a companion to bring some joy to your life.Dogs are the ideal companion for older people because they’re loyal, attentive, and even good for our health.A Labrador Retriever with its senior owners. Petting a dog has been shown to lower blood pressure! So should a senior get a dog? Absolutely. Let’s look at the best breeds to consider. pureaudacity.com

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