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Wild and Fun (and safe) Entertainment for Senior Citizens

When it comes to fun and wild entertainment for senior citizens, it's important to consider activities that are safe, engaging, and enjoyable for their age group. While some seniors may enjoy adventurous activities, it's essential to balance excitement with their physical abilities and overall well-being.


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What is a Hippie?
The hippie movement emerged in the 1960s and was characterized by a rejection of mainstream culture and a focus on peace, love, and freedom. Many people who were young adults during this era may have been part of the hippie movement themselves, and as they enter their senior years, they may be looking for ways to continue to embrace the values of the movement.
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Beyond Bingo: 14 Activities for Elderly People That Aren't Boring

Assisted living no longer means retiring to a rocking chair to watch TV and occasionally play bingo. Today’s seniors demand adventure, plenty of stimulation, and a chance to learn something new. Indeed, most assisted living residents find that they have many more opportunities for engagement than they ever had at home. Check out these great options, which you may find at your local senior living community.

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