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life begins at 50, gets fun at 60, and primo at 70.


Malcolm mackinnon, former-editor-chief of high times interview by darrell griffin 2022- See in audacious living

Youth is Wasted on the Young

We believe that here at, there is a big, new, ever changing world out there to explore, to enjoy. Our mature years are our best years. We have gained enough wisdom to know what we want.

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Pure Audacity

We only care fot what is real. Seniors living with pure audacity are living great lives. The lives we were meant to live.

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I used to run from my problems

now I run towards my solutions.

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"I love the stories and I love the merchandise. I hit the site at least once a week, often every day."

Guillermo, S.

Los Angeles, CA


"I started reading some of the posts, go addicted, now I visit almost every day."

Jada P.

New York, NY


"If you are 50+ you will love They talk about the subjects I like to read about."

Bob M.

Miami, Ok.

★★★★★ is geared for older adults. It has great articles and merch geared for the 50+ group, people my age."

Samuel K.

New York, NY


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Los Angeles, CA

We feel that..

age is just a number. You know the quote, "You are as young as you feel." We believe that here at  

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