Infinite Youth: The Bold Senior's Youth Hacks

Infinite Youth: The Bold Senior's Youth Hacks

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n a world that thrives on youth and the quest for the fountain of eternal youth, aging gracefully has become a delicate art. The wrinkles, the gray hairs, and the shift in energy levels, while often seen as markers of a life well-lived, can also be testimonies to years of sun exposure, diet choices, or stressful moments. While aging is a natural process, the manner and speed at which it happens can be influenced. "Infinite Youth: The Bold Senior's Youth Hacks by Darrell Griffin is a must read.

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Author: Darrell Griffin, president of He is also the author of a number of books including the #1 Amazon Bestseller, :100 Smokin' Cannabis Marketing Hacks."

Pages: 276

Publishing Date: 2024

Publisher: an subsidiary of Easy Brain Labs, Inc.


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