Weed and Wine Tours

CannaVines: The Bay Area Wine and Weed Tours

A quick way to learn about cannabis and just have some fun is to go on a canna tour. They are available in most cities in the U.S. where cannabis is legal. Give one or them a try. 


Of course the best wine and weed tours are in San Francisco, the birthplace of the Hippie moment. But there are wine and weed tours available in most parts of the country where cannabis is legal. My wife has never consumed cannabis and I don't drink alcoholic beverages, but we learned a lot about this growing part of our culture. I drank Pepsi during the tour, but I totally enjoyed the learning experience.   

For the discerning wine and cannabis consumer comes CannabisTours.com’s latest craft experience - Bay Area Wine & Weed Tours! Even if you don't drink or smoke these pass times are an important part of our American culture. 

Tour Description

This particular tour will begin at the Oakland Cannabis Creative, with a tasting of infamous infused wine brand Cannavines. Afterwards, a cannabis & consumption-friendly limo bus will take you to one of our favorite dispensaries so you can begin your tour with whatever product you need! Next we'll head to Rigger’s Loft, one of our favorite wineries in Richmond Point, for a tasting and gorgeous views of the Bay, and then Urbano Cellar Winery in Berkeley for a tasting before heading back to the Oakland Cannabis Creative to wrap up.

You smoke, drink, and laugh, with new friends all while learning new facts about the Bay Area and cannabis from our entertaining local guides. Don’t miss out on our tour… these tickets are selling out quickly, and space is limited!

To comply with local regulations for cannabis-friendly events, no cannabis is provided in the cost of your ticket.

This particular tour included Wine & Weed Tour includes:

  • 420 Friendly Lounge and Party Bus
  • 4 hour tour
  • One tasting of Cannavines infused wine
  • Access to the dab bar at Magnolia Wellness
  • And consumption friendly environments where you can laugh, chat, and consume with friends new and old!

Additional Wine Package add-on:

  • 2 additional wine tastings during the tour at our Riggers Loft and Urbano Cellars stops
  • An additional tastings of Cannavines Wine on the bus
  • And of course most ot these tours give you the standard free tee shirt!