The Oscar Mayer WeinerMobile

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is an iconic promotional vehicle associated with the Oscar Mayer brand of hot dogs and other meat products.  When I think of hot dogs I always think of Oscar Mayer. Now this is awesome advertising for an awesome product.  Here's a brief history of the Wienermobile:

  1. Invention and Early Years (1936-1950s):

    • The Wienermobile was first created in 1936 by Carl Mayer, nephew of Oscar Mayer, and his friend Erwin Cook. It was designed as a marketing tool to promote the Oscar Mayer brand during parades, store openings, and other events.
    • The original Wienermobile was a 13-foot-long vehicle shaped like a hot dog on a bun, with a passenger compartment in the center and the driver sitting in the bun section.
    • The vehicle featured a loudspeaker that played the "Wiener Jingle" and was painted in the familiar Oscar Mayer colors of yellow and red.
    • Initially, the Wienermobile was driven by "Little Oscar," a small person dressed as a chef, who would hand out Wiener Whistles to children.
  2. Expansion and Design Changes (1960s-1980s):

    • In the 1960s, Oscar Mayer introduced additional Wienermobiles to its fleet. These included larger vehicles based on various automobile chassis, but still featuring the distinctive hot dog shape.
    • Throughout the years, there were several design changes to the Wienermobile, including alterations to the body shape and size. Some versions had a more streamlined appearance, while others were bulkier.
    • The Wienermobiles became more sophisticated with modern amenities like air conditioning and improved audio systems.
    • Wienermobile "Hotdoggers" were introduced as full-time drivers and brand ambassadors who traveled across the country promoting Oscar Mayer products.
  3. Evolution and Modernization (1990s-Present):

    • In the 1990s, Oscar Mayer introduced the "Super Wienermobile," which was longer and featured a more aerodynamic design.
    • Over time, additional variations of the Wienermobile were created, including a "Wienermobile on a Bun" version and a "Wienermobile Mini" built on a Mini Cooper chassis.
    • In recent years, the Wienermobiles have incorporated technological advancements like GPS navigation systems, backup cameras, and improved fuel efficiency.
    • The Wienermobile continues to be a prominent marketing tool for Oscar Mayer, making appearances at various events, parades, and charitable functions.
    • Wienermobile enthusiasts can also visit the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Museum located in Madison, Wisconsin, which showcases the history and memorabilia associated with the iconic vehicle.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has become a cultural icon, symbolizing American food culture and serving as a recognizable marketing icon for the Oscar Mayer brand.

In May 2023, Oscar Mayer announced that it was renaming the Weinermobile to the Frankmobile, to promote a new recipe for its all-beef franks. It was suggested that the name change would not be permanent.

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