Hippie Vans - They're Back!

Hippie vans (this is what my grandmother called them back in the 60's), are coming back! We all have some incredible memories in our VW vans. 

I remember sitting in my van in the school parking lot at California State University, Stanislaus in beautiful Turlock, CA, the windows rolled up and fogged by the weed smoke. And yes, I had a mattress in the back. It was where I crashed between classes and between living arrangements.   

The new one coming out is a Hippie special. It fits the Hippie life style perfectly as it moves away from fossil fuel.

According to Blomberg 

Volkswagen AG will unveil the ID. Buzz, an electric iteration of its iconic hippie-era microbus, on March 9.

Chief Executive Officer Herbert Diess announced the date Thursday in a Twitter post that sketched out the contours of the new design, which draws on the lines of the original model. 

VW’s original microbus -- the colorful, bread loaf-shaped van that was a regular sight in the 1960s at music festivals including Woodstock -- has a dedicated fan following. The German company previously said it plans to sell its battery-powered successor in Europe and the U.S.

VW has embarked on an ambitious push to dethrone Tesla Inc. as the global electric-car sales leader. The German company last month allocated 89 billion euros ($100 billion) to EV and software development over the next half decade and has built a dedicated architecture that will underpin a total of 27 battery-powered models by the end of this year.

— With assistance by Monica Raymunt

I will be one of the first people in line for this new edition of the VW bus. I truly doubt I will make anywhere near as exciting memories in my new van that I created in my old van. I am about 50 years older now.  I absolutely miss the sixties. It was a time of innocence and wild exploration. It was a time where the planets lined up perfectly, we were 16, weed was cheap and rock and roll had taken a massive move forward.

Maybe the 60's and 70's were not as magical as I remember, but they were awesome.


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  • Kim Mina

    I remember these well. I want one of the new ones. When are then available?

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