Farmer’s Handbook on Basic Agriculture - A holistic perspective of scientific agriculture

Agriculture is an important sector of Indian Economy as more than half of its population relies on Agriculture as principle source of income.  Wherever there are people there is the necessity of growing food. has many sources of information on agriculture.  Some if it is free to us and some of it costs us.  At we review thousands of information sources every month. If we find it for free we pass it on to you free. If it costs us and we can not find a good free source we pass the costs on to you.  We are in a time in history where the knowledge of growing your own food is becoming very important.  Research and Extension systems play major role in generation and dissemination of Agricultural technologies aiming at enhancing the income of farmers. The extension system adopts series of extension methods such as Training, demonstration, exposure visit to transfer the technologies from lab to land. Majority of these extension efforts mainly focus on location and crop specific technologies, and mostly on solution to problem basis. However, there is a need for equipping the farmers with Basic knowledge of Agriculture in order to create a better knowledge platform at farmer level for taking appropriate farm management decisions and to absorb modern technologies.

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