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6 Tips: How Herbs Can Interact With Medicines

I have always taken supplements. I have often bought into the ads that promise to improve my memory, make me live longer or make me last longer when the need arises.

Another issue a number of seniors have is mixing cannabis with prescription drugs. I take high cholesterol and high blood pressure medicine. I also consume cannabis on a daily basis.  Most seniors chose to smoke flower, but consumables (gummies, infused drinks, etc.) are gaining popularity.  I have never had any issues over the last 60 years I have consumed cannabis, but you should talk to your healthcare provide before mixing your favorite Indica with your statins. 

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Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips

There are many reasons we tend to slow down and become more inactive as we age. This could be due to health problems, weight problems, pain, or fear of falling. Or maybe you think exercise just isn't for you. But as you get older, an active lifestyle becomes more important to your health than ever.


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