The Best Apps for Older Adults in 2022

The Best Apps for Older Adults in 2022

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Did you know that more than 60 percent of adults ages 65 and older own a smartphone? If you're one of those smartphone owners, you probably use mobile apps every single day.1 Whether you're video chatting with the grandkids, playing games with your friends, checking Facebook, or getting directions to dinner, a mobile app made it possible.

Smartphone applications can educate, entertain and even make life easier. They enable you to get the most out of the computer in your pocket: your smartphone. But, with well over two million applications available for mobile today, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Here we have put together a list of apps for seniors that are easy to use and can truly improve your life.

Medisafe – Manage Your Medications

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

For older adults who may take multiple medications at different times of the day, forgetting to take prescriptions and get refills on time are significant problems. In fact, about 50 percent of prescriptions filled are not taken as directed by a doctor or pharmacist.2

Medisafe helps you manage your medications and get reminders. Simply input your prescriptions and timings, and Medisafe will create a visual schedule complete with images of each pill and a list of potentially harmful interactions. It will then give you reminders throughout the day when it's time to take a medication, let you know if a prescription is running low, and even alert a friend or family member of a missed dose.





Medisafe app

Google Maps – Remember Where You Parked

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

Everyone has experienced the moment when you get ready to leave somewhere and realize you have no idea where you parked. If you find this happening frequently, your phone can help you out. But you don't have to download an extra app to remind you where your car is because this feature is included in the most popular navigation app.

In Google Maps, click on the blue dot showing your location, click “Set as parking location” from the menu that pops up, and it will be saved. Then when you are ready to navigate back to your car, click the blue “Directions” icon and choose “Saved parking.” This app is also great for getting directions when you're going somewhere new or if you get lost while driving.

Google Maps app

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight – Read the Menu in a Dim Restaurant

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

One-in-three people 65 and older have some form of eye disease,3 making it difficult to read small print. If you've ever had trouble reading a restaurant menu, forms at the doctor's office, or labels on food packaging, a magnifying app could be a handy tool.

This magnifying app uses your phone's camera to zoom in on whatever you point it at, and you can quickly turn on the light to illuminate what you need to read. With a touch of the screen, you can also “freeze” what you are looking at, so you don't have to point it in the same spot the entire time you're reading.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight app

Facebook Messenger – Connect with Friends and Family

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

If you are among the 40 percent of adults over 654 who have a Facebook account, you've already done most of the work needed to use Facebook Messenger. Messenger is a standalone app that connects people through their Facebook profiles.

You can video chat with one person or do a group chat, as well as send text messages and photos. There are even fun features to try out while you're on a video call. You can make your grandchildren giggle by putting a digital frog on your head or even turning into a dragon!


Facebook Messenger app

Personal Capital – Take Charge of Retirement Planning

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

While there are lots of tools that allow you to track finances, personal capital stands out when it comes to retirement planning. If financial planning seems daunting, check out this app for its straightforward visuals and projections. Use it to assess your current retirement situation and even play out other scenarios to decide whether you need to make changes to your long-term plans.


Personal Capital app

GoodRx – Save Money on Prescriptions

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

One of the reasons seniors do not take medications as prescribed is simply that they cost too much. GoodRx helps users compare prescription drug prices at different pharmacies and find coupons that can be used right from the app. The app can also alert you when a particular medication drops in price and let you know when you may be due for a refill. If you use Medisafe to manage your prescriptions, you already have savings help powered by GoodRx and don't need to download a separate application.

For more information on all of our favorite prescription discount apps similar to GoodRx, head to our best prescription discount cards page.

GoodRx app

Snapfish – Get Those Photos off Your Phone

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

We're all taking more photos than ever, but hardly any of those photos ever leave the digital world. Creating photo books no longer requires any tech-savvy or artistic flair as you can simply choose your favorite shots, and the app will do the rest. Snapfish makes it easy to order photo books and prints right from your phone and have them delivered.

Snapfish app

Audible – Escape Into a Good Book

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free; requires a paid subscription after free trial

For seniors who have vision problems or arthritis that may make holding a book uncomfortable, audiobooks are a great alternative to print. Audiobooks have never been better, featuring excellent narration by voice talent or the author themselves.

Audible has the largest selection of audiobooks available. It's free to download, and you'll pay for a subscription to access books. Audible also offers a free trial period, so make sure to take advantage of this 30-day freebie!

Audible app

LastPass – Never Forget a Password Again

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

To do anything on the internet these days, it seems you are asked to create a password. Creating a unique password each time is important to avoid being hacked, but who can remember all of them? Many people use the same password for simplicity, but it leaves them vulnerable to online attacks.

LastPass stores all of your passwords securely in one place so you can look them up when needed. It can also autofill passwords into websites you use frequently and create strong passwords for you. Simply remember one password – the LastPass password.

LastPass app

Words with Friends 2 – Play with Friends and Family Virtually

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

Video chatting is a great way to connect when you can't meet face to face, but coordinating time can be challenging. With this app, you can challenge friends and family to a game or get paired with another player. Calling itself a mobile word game, Words with Friends 2 is very similar to Scrabble, so it's great for passive playing and connecting with friends without a significant time commitment.

Words With Friends 2 app

Spotify – Listen to Music and Podcasts

Available for iPhone and Android
Cost: Free; select plans require a paid subscription

Music can help people relax, set the ambiance at a dinner party, return to a bygone era, get pumped for exercise, and so much more. With Spotify, you can listen to specific songs or let the app curate music for you based on what you like.

Spotify is also the number one app for listening to podcasts. Podcasts are continuing to grow in popularity, and there is something out there for almost every interest. Use the app to discover new podcasts or manage your favorites.


Spotify app

If you'd like to see some of our other favorite phone apps and features for seniors in action, check out the video below, hosted by our Editor in Chief, Jeff Hoyt.



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