Aging Well

From Yoga Retreats To Ayahuasca Journeys: Senior Citizens Embracing Spiritual Exploration

In recent years, a growing number of senior citizens have been venturing beyond traditional spiritual practices, embracing the profound and transformative experience of ayahuasca journeys.

This ancient Amazonian ritual, involving the ingestion of a psychoactive brew, is sought after not just by the young and adventurous but increasingly by older adults eager for personal growth and spiritual exploration.

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The positive side of memory loss as we grow older
Though memory loss is generally viewed negatively, especially in relation to aging, there are some unexpected silver linings that can be associated with it. I lost some of my short term memory when I had two strokes last year.  We all know we begin to loss some of our memory when we approach our 70's . Some of us start losing memory in our 50's. I remember most of the important things in life.
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