A 96-year-old grandmother from South Florida surprised everyone by showing off her style and grace at Miami Swim Week

Gloria Mantell Pallot, a Miami Beach native, made headlines as she walked the runway at the fashion event, becoming the oldest participant ever.

In an interview with 7News, she shared that she has been diligently preparing for this moment every day.

She mentioned her exercise routine, which includes biking, stretching, and standing exercises, all in an effort to stay fit and ready for the show.

Despite feeling nervous about competing against younger individuals, Mantell Pallot decided to take on the challenge due to encouragement from her family.

Her son’s girlfriend, along with her grandson and his girlfriend, motivated her to participate, even though she initially hesitated.

Mantell Pallot reminisced about the last time she walked a runway, which was 73 years ago when she got married.

The information for this article was first published in 2024 by the Sunbeam Television Corp.