Fabio Lanzoni – born in1959, a 63 year old Hunk

I personally had the pleasure of working with Fabio when when were were both working at the Celebrity Shopping Channel.  Also working on the team was Rachel Welch and Polly Burgen. He is attractive today has he was 20 years ago when I first met him.  I remember meeting with him in the Celebrity Shopping Network conference room in Bevery Hills. I walked into the room and everyone said hi. Fabio walked into the room and men and women alike stopped what they were doing to stand up and great him with a wam handshake. But he was and is the one and only Fabio. You know you are cool when people know who you are by just your first name.

 March 30, 1999,  a goose hit Fabio in the face. If it has been me that was hit I would have been crying like a little girl. But, Fabio, took it like a champ. ever Fabio wasn't at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia to kill a goose; he was there to take a front row seat for the inaugural ride on Apollo's Chariot, the theme park's first "hypercoaster." Apollo's Chariot was—and is—a thing of towering beauty, the likes of which Virginians hadn't seen. And the park's promoters knew that they couldn't settle for anything less than Fabio to lead its first charge.

I still remember his "I can't believe its not butter" commercial. Iit is a classic.

Fabio is an Italian fashion model, spokesperson, actor, and writer, whose famous appearances were featured on the covers of hundreds of romance books during the 1980s and 90s. Fabio made his fortune as the star on the covers of romance books in the 1980s and 1990s. The Italian-American model and actor gained fame when he appeared on the cover of romance novels, a lower level of male modeling. Fabio started his career as a fashion model and famous spokesperson.

Fabio Lanzoni began his modeling career in his childhood home of Italy, later went on to begin acting, and chose to come to the U.S. when he was 17. With his long hair and exceptionally well-trained body, the ebullient Italian model truly stood out, taking the U.S. by storm. At age 14 (circa 1973), Fabio was offered his first modeling contract in Italy. Born in Italy in 1959, Fabio started out in his home country as a model and actor, then moved to New York to concentrate on modeling.

He has never really gotten around to making any meaningful moves with his love life, although he was worshipped by a lot of women at one point in his life.

Fabio has his own merchandise line and appears in TV movies, often playing himself. He did not realize that some of the photos he took would end up being used for the covers of books.

Fabio would go on to write his own historical romantic novels -- and several more books. By 1992, more than 55,000,000 covers of All-Fabio Romance had been sold.

Dr. Donnamaie White, romance novelist, and creator of the Official Fabio Fan Club states that Fabio stopped modeling in 1993.

Fabio is an Italian model known for long, luxurious locks and striking good looks -- and nearly 40 years later, you can tell that things have hardly changed. While you might not hear a lot from Fabio these days, rest assured that he is working on various projects involving his trademark features - and at the age of 61, his locks are just as lush as they were back in the day. The Italian-American model and actor has also been involved with many businesses, including starting

his own clothing line, writing a book about fitness, and starting a nutritional products company known as Healthy Planet Vitamins. Lanzoni is known for his diverse career, including appearing as the cover model of a romantic novel during the 1990s; his acting and TV roles, including several cameos as himself; and his music and books.

Lanzoni is most recognized for appearing on the covers of hundreds of romance novels. Lanzoni began his career in Italy after being noticed by a photographer at an exercise class. Lanzoni went on to make guest appearances in a number of shows including Step By Step, Big Time Rush, Neds Declassified, The Suite Life On Deck, Spy Hard, and Zoolander, among others.

Within 48 hours of arriving in the US, Lanzoni went to a Ford modeling agency without an appointment and left with a contract. The contract was worth $150,000, which was--according to Lanzoni--$30,000 more than the worlds best male models were earning at the time.

In a recent interview with People magazine, the romantic-novel cover model shared that sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber had reversed the aging process. I still love meeting women in person, the old-fashioned way, Fabio confirmed. Flamboyant Fabio looked dashing as always in the TV interview, sporting his long hair and a vibrant purple T-shirt. All-Fabio jokes were amusing, thanking viewers for calling him a better actor-turned-model, rather than vice versa.