Seniors Travel Insurance

Seniors Travel Insurance

I was asked my opinion the other day about travel insurance for seniors.  I am 70 years old and I would not travel without it.  Here is a great article from about travel insurance.

Best Travel Insurance for Seniors

As you reach the golden years of your life, travel should become more frequent, noSeniors Travel InsuranceNot the other way around. When you retire, you will have the time you have always dreamed of completing your bucket list. We recommend traveling as much as you can while you are able.

To ensure you have enjoyable and safe travels, we suggest choosing the best travel insurance for seniors with international coverage. To make your selection more manageable, we will help you identify just what type of seniors international insurance you will need and how to purchase it.

What Coverage Do I Need as a Senior Traveler?

Because you are already in your senior years, you must get a check-up and review your health before purchasing travel medical insurance for seniors. To know what kind of senior travel insurance you will need, you should check your current health conditions, activities you will be participating in during the trip, and the travel duration.

Some countries have reciprocal healthcare arrangements with other nations. They may be more expensive, though, depending on the country. Generally, Medicare or other health plans do not cover emergency health care, so you need travel insurance to acquire similar benefits. It would help if you considered all of these points when shopping for senior travel insurance.


What Are the Best Travel Insurance Plans for Seniors


Through research and experience, we have compared senior travel insurance plans that work best for seniors traveling abroad. We have categorized the options based on age, citizenship, and budget to make it easier to decide which is the best travel insurance for seniors like you.

Lowest Cost Best Benefits
Age 65-69 Voyager Choice Atlas Travel Voyager Choice Seven Corners Travel
Cost per Day $5.23 $6.36 $6.90 $10.96
Maximum Limit $50,000 $50,000 $1,000,000 $100,000
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Age 70-74 GlobeHopper Senior Atlas Travel Voyager Choice Seven Corners Travel
Cost per Day $7.15 $9.67 $11.05 $15.91
Maximum Limit $50,000 $50,000 $1,000,000 $100,000
Quote / Buy Quote / Buy Quote / Buy Quote / Buy
Age 75-79 GlobeHopper Senior Atlas Travel Voyager Choice Seven Corners Travel
Cost per Day $7.15 $9.67 $19.32 $24.52
Maximum Limit $50,000 $50,000 $1,000,000 $100,000
Quote / Buy Quote / Buy Quote / Buy Quote / Buy
Age 80+ GlobeHopper Senior Atlas Travel Voyager Choice Seven Corners Travel
Cost per Day $12.50 $14.79 $19.32 $26.25
Maximum Limit $50,000 $10,000 $1,000,000 $10,000
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Do you need comprehensive coverage for living abroad?
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Travel Insurance for Travelers Over 65-Years-Old

We recommend the Atlas Travel Medical plan. It offers excellent service to seniors with maximum benefit amounts of:

  • $1,000,000 up to age 70
  • $50,000 or $100,000 up to age 80
  • $10,000 if you are 80 or older.

Usually, insurers limit the maximum benefit amount to $10,000 or $50,000 for over 70 years old travel insurance plans. The Atlas plan does better by providing a higher amount of coverage for travelers up to age 80.

Covid-19 Coverage for Senior Travelers: The Atlas Travel Insurance plan does include coverage for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) as any other illness.

Budget Friendly Senior Travel Insurance: GlobeHopper

GlobeHopper provides a few benefits not available in the similar Patriot Travel Medical Plan. It is ideal for seniors traveling abroad on a holiday or vacation. This senior travel insurance includes the following benefits:

  • Non-Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Felonious Battery (where the client is the victim)
  • Inter-Facility Transportation
  • Limited to U.S. citizens currently enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B

For over 70 years old travel insurance, additional medical maximums are available.


Benefits of Overseas Travel Medical Insurance for Seniors

As a senior traveling overseas, you may already have some health issues or medication that you must monitor daily. If you have travel insurance and get injured or become sick while on vacation, your senior travel insurance will cover your medical needs.

Please take note that Medicare does not cover healthcare services outside the U.S. and its territories. There may be exceptions to this regarding Medicare benefits in Canada and Mexico, but only in certain circumstances.

Overseas Medical Insurance can guarantee coverage for any sudden injuries or accidents, and it can also ensure compensation if you need to interrupt your trip.

A note from the CDC: "Many health plans, including Medicare, will not pay for services received outside the United States. Also, consider purchasing medical evacuation insurance, which will pay for emergency transportation to a hospital."

Travel Insurance Options for Seniors

Senior travel insurance will provide you with the security and comfort to enjoy your trip. Below are our insurance plan recommendations for travelers over 70 years old, including trip cancellation benefits, coverage for cruises, and international trips.

Best Travel Insurance for Seniors Going Abroad

Trip cancellation coverage provides the same great coverage found in a senior travel insurance plan along with the additional benefit of covering your travel costs should you have to cancel your trip.

We offer two specific plans:

Trip Cancellation Plan for U.S. Seniors Traveling Abroad


Seven Corners Insurance
  • Comprehensive trip protection for U.S. residents traveling abroad.
  • Optional rental car collision coverage available.
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage available (if eligible).
Plan Details | View Brochure


Seniors Travel Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance for Seniors

Coverage with Travel Insurance if You Are Over 65

Many of our clients ask us: "What is the best travel insurance for seniors?" and "What benefits are included in a senior travel insurance plan?" People often have different priorities, so we are happy to provide a variety of options.

Frequently, trip cancellation is a priority, while others are more concerned with medical evacuation or repatriation benefits. The good news is you can have them all in one plan. None of these benefits individually add high costs to your plan, so trying to get one or the other to save a little money is not always the best option.

We advise clients to get a quality plan with comprehensive coverage for all bases. To help you choose the best travel insurance for seniors, make sure the following benefits are in your policy:

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How to Compare and Buy the Right Plan

Most travel insurance companies provide basic – and sometimes limited – plans for seniors, with some simply covering them under their regular plans. Before applying for senior travel insurance, check which age bracket you fall under for specific plans. Age is a significant factor in determining premiums and benefits.

Next, you will need to confirm that your travel insurance plan covers the countries where you will be traveling. Some plans may only provide coverage in select countries.

Another thing to remember when buying senior traveler insurance is the maximums and deductibles of the plan. Some travel insurance companies offer reduced maximums or higher deductibles, depending on your health condition. The higher the risk that you will claim coverage, the more expensive the insurance plan will be.

Seniors Travel Insurance

There are three basic types of travel insurance that you need to know: emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation insurance, and 24-hour telephone assistance. Know the difference between each one to identify which is the best fit for your needs. Focus on the fine print and check the exceptions, exclusions, and free-look period of the policy.

We recommend that you compare the best travel insurance for seniors listed here and review the plans. It is advisable to get a free quote from us using the links above.

Make sure you compare possible plans side-by-side to get the best deal suited to your needs. Buying senior travel insurance can be time-consuming, but it does not have to be stressful. If you have questions that need clarifications, you can contact us, and we will be happy to guide you.

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