Sex, Seniors and Cannabis

 'Sex, Seniors And Cannabis

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Sex, seniors and cannabis by Sarah Dunn – 9-20-2021  


Cannabis and sex for seniors is a stigmatized issue. According to one report, most of us in this age group regard sex with senior citizens as non-existent, funny or rude. Culture can be blamed; think of the popular film Meet the Fockers in which the mere fact that the elderly mother is played by Barbara Streisand openly and vociferously discusses sexuality is considered funny and jokey material used in the film.  Age itself seems taboo today, and God forbid you to maintain your sexuality while you are in it. This seemingly harmless and demeaning attitude towards older people makes it difficult and embarrassing for older people to talk about desire.    

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 The subject of sex among is experiencing a cultural shift from stigma to normalization. Cultural representations have changed, and popular shows like Grace and Frankie prove it. In the series, the retired protagonists approach the topic realistically and lightheartedly. They take a theme that is often dismantled as a joke, but in reality is a very real struggle that goes hand in hand with the inclusion of cannabis and sex in their golden years.

 Despite the stigma, many of the physical problems affecting the older generation have nothing to do with the ability to have a good time. Natural aging leads to a variety of problems, from delayed arousal and inability to climax to poor mobility, reduced penile stiffness and vaginal lubrication. Seniors are prescribed more drugs than anyone else in the United States, and 30% of prescription drugs prescribed to people over 65 affect sexual function.   

 Assisted living, home care and living with the family are popular housing options for seniors, making it difficult to find privacy, which is an essential element to get intimate. Not to mention the simple logistics of finding a place to engage. It's not just about finding someone you like in a private space, science shows it can help with other things as well.   

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 California sexologist Nick Karrass has spent months researching the cognitive effects of cannabis use and its relationship to sex and creativity. Recently explained how this research has lead to five classic qualities of cannabis usage: hyperfocus, pattern recognition, increased imagination, increased empathy and episodic memory. He calls these traits a bouquet of cognitive effects. They improve the sexual experience and are particularly important for seniors who want to change their sex lives: pattern recognition, increased imagination, increased empathy and episodic memory

 Seniors who use cannabis may find it easier to adapt to new forms of sex and affection if they have an increased imagination and share with their counterparts. If you are a couple who lost the spark, cannabis can help you find new ways to think about your routine. By challenging old habits in the bedroom, you can open up new ways of connecting. Cannabis is about looking for new patterns and possibilities.    

Episodic memory can help people tap into a past that connects you with emotions of romance that may have faded over the last few years. Karras suggests that couples who have lost their spark could play the music they loved when they first met or bring back old photos to bring a place to memories and revive their initial passion. Uncomplicated relationship status of seniors can help them to be creative and find new alternatives to old patterns, especially when physical limitations are an obstacle to the sex types they had 20 years ago, say. Sex does not necessarily mean penetration and there are several ways to express sexual affection, many of which in later years may be better suited to people.  

Preparing for extended episodic memory can help you return to the steamy beginning of a relationship. For singles and older couples, playing with the senses and surrounding yourself with scents, scenes, songs, food and fabrics can lead you into a youthful, sexy time in your life. An important advantage for older people is the mixture of cannabis with sex, but little with sex itself. Preparing for the effects can help you get the most out of them.   

A common example is the encounter described by Nick Karras, in which his clients reported disappointment when they tried to introduce cannabis in the bedroom after a night of laughing. In this case he assigned the couple the task of integrating cannabis into their sex life to solve a certain relationship problem, but the night did not go as expected. Race distance is a classic stereotype about cannabis, a myth that remains true even when laughter is reported as a side effect of the drug.    

Laughter has a lot of medical benefits. Sex and laughter can combat many of the problems seniors have in common, increasing endorphin levels, lowering blood pressure, maintaining cholesterol levels, and improving the immune system. But it's what seniors need more than anything, Karras said.   

One of Karras' older clients said that after trying cannabis for the first time, the couple could not have sex after a night of passion. Instead, they slept in each other's arms.  

According to Karras, this is not a failed attempt at some form of sex. This is how you get to know your partner. 

Because of the intimacy and connectedness that a cuddle night can evoke, it is easy to forget how important simple human touch can be. According to a report published in the Journal of Ageing and Aging, the contact associated with care is often the only physical contact an elderly person will have. If they live with family or partners, older adults are deprived of the health benefits of physical contact.  

Human touch is therapeutic and necessary for a healthy and happy life. Perhaps cannabis can help to facilitate consensual contact between groups of people who are otherwise excluded from it.    

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If you are trying to reconnect with your partner, get out of your sex rut, change your perspective, or gain new insights into your sexual needs.  A product containing THC may be the way to go. Topicals are a great solution if you have pain during sex and want to ease the daily pain long enough to allow you to indulge in sexual activity. They are also popular with older customers with chronic pain problems such as arthritis. There are options to choose from if you don't want to get high to relieve pain. There are some cannabis products made just for the bedroom.

If you're new to cannabis, Nick Karras suggests using flower. According to him, it is easier to control the dose. He advises freshmen to start low and go slow.    

When it comes to finding the right variety, dose and consumption method, you are on your own as an expert. Other options, such as edibles and vapes, are harder to control because their effects are more variable.    

Listen to your body and write down your experiences. You can also learn what works best for you and your partner. Further insights on the use of cannabis in later years in the bedroom can be found in Nick Karrass' book The Passionate High: A Guide to Use Cannabis for Better Sex and Creativity.