Simplify Your Post-Christmas Cleanup: Genius Hacks to Make It Effortless

Written by Alexis Griffin for

As the festive season wraps up, the joy of Christmas often comes with a side of post-celebration cleanup. But fear not! Embracing a few smart hacks can transform the daunting task of tidying into a breeze, leaving you more time to savor those leftover holiday treats. Here are some genius Christmas cleanup hacks to make your life easier:

Ornament Organization:

  • Egg Carton Storage: Store smaller ornaments safely by placing them inside individual compartments of an egg carton.
  • Garment Bags for Larger Ornaments: Use garment bags to neatly pack larger or delicate decorations, keeping them protected and organized.

Tangle-Free Lights:

  • Wrap Around Cardboard: Avoid the hassle of untangling lights next year by wrapping them around sturdy pieces of cardboard before storing.
  • Ziplock Bag Method: Loop each strand of lights and store them in labeled Ziplock bags to prevent tangling.

Easy Wrapping Paper Storage:

  • Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer: Utilize a garment bag or a hanging organizer to store rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows vertically to save space.
  • Drawer Dividers: Use drawer dividers or tall bins to keep different types of wrapping supplies neatly separated.

Efficient Tree Disposal:

  • Tree Bag or Sheet: Lay a tree disposal bag or an old bedsheet under the tree skirt before decorating. Once the holidays are over, gather the corners and easily carry out the tree without leaving a mess.

Speedy Clean-Up:

  • Trash Bag Line-Up: Pre-line your trash bins with extra bags. As you clean up, replace filled bags with new ones, ensuring a quick disposal process.
  • Post-It for Quick Notes: Label boxes or bags with Post-It notes for easy identification when unpacking decorations next year.

Stain Removal Tricks:

  • Baking Soda for Tablecloth Stains: For food stains on tablecloths, sprinkle baking soda over the affected area, let it sit, and then brush off before washing.
  • Ice Cube for Wax Spills: Place ice cubes on spilled candle wax to solidify it. Once solid, gently remove the wax with a dull knife or spatula.

Collaborative Clean-Up:

  • Turn Cleanup into a Game: Make cleanup a family or friend activity by turning it into a fun game or competition, making the process more enjoyable and efficient.

Post-Holiday Donations:

  • Sort and Donate: While packing away decorations, create a separate box for items you no longer need. Donate them to charities or thrift stores to spread the holiday cheer.

By incorporating these simple yet effective hacks into your post-Christmas cleanup routine, you'll bid adieu to clutter and chaos, ensuring a smooth transition into the new year. Embrace the spirit of efficiency and organization to enjoy a stress-free cleanup, leaving you with cherished memories and a clutter-free home. Cheers to a sparkling clean end to the holiday season!