Really Cool Hair Styles for Seniors


Hairstyles for elderly women need to be easy to care for and easy to style. However, they don't need to be boring or out of fashion. Browse through several hairstyles for elderly women to find the perfect one for you. This might include a short flowing perm that adds body and volume to thinning and brittle hair.

Embrace Natural Waves

Women with natural wave to their hair can wear a variety of styles, however, a shorter style that allows waves to fall softly in place is ideal for an elderly woman. Hair should be cut short and can be styled by leaving the hair to dry naturally after washing. If you want more volume, add mousse or a leave in conditioner before allowing your hair to dry.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a great look for an elderly gentleman. Not only is it easy to care for, but it looks clean and sharp. It also looks good on both men who have a full head of hair, and those whose hair is thinning on top. To maintain a buzz cut, simply visit the barber every six weeks to have your hair trimmed and buzzed again. 

No-fuss Curls

Get a perm for a no-fuss style that's easy to take care of, especially if you have longer tresses. Have hair cut all one length, and then permed. To style the hair, you can add mousse or leave-in conditioner, or you can use a light styling sprtiz to add shine. However, you don't have to. The nice thing about a perm is that you can simply leave it to dry after washing. Use a headband or clips to keep the hair out of your face. 

Longer on Top

If you are an older man who has been blessed with a full head of hair, go for a layered look that's longer on top, but short around the back of the neck and ears. You can add mousse to slick it back, or leave it to dry naturally so you can comb it to the side.

Add Volume to Thinning Hair

Elderly people, even women, are often faced with thinning hair. Volume is key to solving this issue To get the most volume, have the hairstylist add lots of layers. Simply letting layers dry naturally will add volume, but for an extra boost, consider using a volume boosting mousse and a blow dryer to add even more volume. Also, full bangs will give the appearance of lots of hair.

Look Great With Little Effort

It's possible to look great at any age. There are many hairstyles that are ideal for older men and women. Whether you have a someone else styling your hair, or you do it yourself, there are styles that require little more than a wash.