Dick Van Dyke, 96, Makes Rare Public Appearance After Hitting Gym With Wife.

Dick Van Dyke, 96, Makes Rare Public Appearance After Hitting Gym With Wife.


DICK VAN DYKE made a rare Malibu appearance recently. He was there with his wife, Arlene Silver. Dick Van Dyke first met his second wife Arlene Silver in 2007 at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where he was giving a lifetime achievement award to Mary Poppins co-star Julie Andrews. His second wife told HuffPost in 2013 that the Thursday before his awards, she saw that Dick Van Dyke was on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Van Dyke told HuffPost his second wife came by after work to take food, make dinner, wash dishes, and keep an eye on him for years. His second wife and Dick Van Dyke were married in a private ceremony in a chapel outside of Van Dykes home in Malibu, The Hollywood Reporter reported in 2012.

The couple had been friends for years before a relationship turned romantic. The pair showcased their love-filled, funny affair back in February with a video posted for Valentine’s Day. In the couple’s famous anniversary video, the pair showed off their fun-loving relationship dancing to a cover of Doris Days’ 1958 song, Everybody Loves A Lover, performed by her wife’s band, Arlene & The Vantastix.

Van Dyke and wife Arlene Silver celebrated 10 years together back in February, but still looked love-struck newlyweds, sharing laughs while walking through the sunshine. Musical star Dick Van Dyke heads to a store with his wife Arlene Silver, looking young while sporting a Mary Poppins sweatshirt and pair of loafers as he walks around. Acting legend Dick Van Dyke looked surprisingly youthful, aged 96, when he went out yesterday with his younger wife. The star was paying homage to Mary Poppins.

Dick Van Dyke was seen wearing a hoodie on Wednesday that read "Just A Spoonful Of Sugar" in Malibu, Calif., with his wife, Arlene Silver. The 96-year-old Hollywood legend was wearing a gray sweatshirt reading Just a Spoonful of Sugar.