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Social Media : The Definitive Guide

lagadoo 8 months ago

Looking for actionable blog posts to improve your Social media strategy?

There are a large number of articles surrounding the topic of Social Media but not all of them provide real value.

Social Media is the fastest growing trend in the world so if it isn’t already it will be vitally important for the future success of your business.

I have compiled the go-to resource for social media marketers with the best articles I could find on the web that will give you the best opportunity to succeed on Social Media.

Every article is full of insightful advice from experts in the field who have a lot of experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

If you want more traffic (and let’s face it who doesn’t) Social Media is a must!

The Potential of Social Media

Social Media is not going away!

There are now over 2 billion social media users and it is growing by 25% each year.

Think of it this way!

What other routes to market can generate exposure for your business and has the power to increase customer loyalty without spending a penny?

A staggering total of 78 % of small businesses use social media to generate new customers and 33% of customers have identified social media as the main channel for them identifying new products and services from their favourite brands.

That’s why Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and even YouTube have started offering product advertisements to brands.

Use the guide below to help you master Social Media and ensure you are taking full advantage of Social media channels and all their potential.

The Ultimate List of the Web’s Best Social Media Articles


Why use Facebook for your marketing?

Well, to start with it has around 1.6billion monthly users which means that you can find an audience suitable for every kind of business on Facebook.

Continuing on from this no other social media channel generates more referral traffic than Facebook.

So, if you want to know what works when it comes to marketing on Facebook study the articles below and put yourself ahead of your competition.


Are you using Twitter in your marketing strategy to increase traffic and leads?

Twitter has over 300 million monthly active users so it is definitely worth considering if you have not already started.

Similar to Facebook and other platforms Twitter has also introduced paid advertising with many types of campaigns available for you to choose from.

Use the following guides to gain a better understanding of the type of strategies you can implement to improve your Twitter marketing efforts.


If your target audience loves visuals and let’s face it what audience doesn’t engage with images you cannot ignore Instagram.

Surprisingly though only 30% of businesses are active on Facebook

Instagram use to be just a simple image sharing app but it has evolved rapidly into a powerful tool you can use to increase brand awareness, engage with new clients and drive sales.

So, I have compiled the following list of the best articles to help you increase your following, engagement and sales on Instagram because it can be hard finding good advice online.


Are you using Google+ within your marketing strategy? If you are not it really needs to be part of your marketing plans, after all, it is owned by Google and I am sure many of you want to improve your Google rankings.

To help you understand Google+ better I have compiled a list of articles to help explain how and why you should be using Google+ within your marketing.


Are you using Youtube for your marketing and getting results from it?

It is often under-used, yet it is an extremely effective marketing channel which has over 1 billion users with 4 billion video views a day!

This represents a huge opportunity for marketers and small business owners to find their target audience and market directly to them.

In the chapter below discover some actionable tips to enhance your YouTube marketing.


Do you want to learn more about using Pinterest to start marketing yourself and your business?

If you still have the impression the only Social Media platforms worth investing in are Facebook and Twitter, think again!

Pinterest has far greater engagement than Twitter and Facebook with a Pinterest Pin 100 times more shareable than a tweet.

Below is a list of actionable resources to aid your Pinterest marketing and take your business to the next level.


LinkedIn isn’t just for professionals.

Yes, it is great as a professional to use it to make new connections, networking and lead generation but you can use it to grow your business too!

Because LinkedIn runs in a slightly different way to the more traditional Social Media platforms marketing your business also requires a unique approach.

To help you navigate LinkedIn here are some helpful articles to help your LinkedIn marketing.


Wondering how you can add Snapchat into your marketing strategy?

Using Snapchat you can build engagement, increase customer loyalty and boost brand awareness.

Snapchat has over 200 million monthly users who send 400 million snaps a day and did you know half of all new sign-ups to Snapchat are over 25.

Discover below some useful articles on how you can drive sales for your business through Snapchat.


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