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How I Increased Organic Traffic By 16% In Under 6 Months

lagadoo 5 months ago

During 2016 a client who came to me requesting help with their Google rankings.

Below you find the results and the strategy I implemented to help them grow their organic traffic by 16% in under 6 months.

Having a positive impact on their bottom line.

Client: Homeware E-commerce Rankings

Summary: Within 6 months, we increased traffic by 16% and organic traffic now contributed towards 36% of revenue.

SEO Case Study Homeware

This client sells high-quality furniture & homeware through their e-commerce website but was struggling to gain any traction in organic search.


16% More Traffic

There was a 16% increase in the websites overall traffic in 2016 compared to the same period in 2015.

7% Increase in Organic Traffic

Organic traffic now contributes to 25% of acquisition and 36% of revenue both up compared to 2015.

39% increase of Returning Visitors

New users now make up 59% of all visits compared to 69% in 2015 which shows a greater retention of clients.


The homeware market is dominated by some large international corporations which meant it was hard for the client as a small e-commerce store in comparison to gain visibility across Google search results.


The first step was to do an analysis and identify areas of weakness with the website and how it was currently being structured.

The clearest thing I could identify was to increase search visibility of long tail, conversion focused keywords for quick wins while pushing core keywords into the top 3 results. This was done through analysis of the corporations top landing pages and similar product pages to identify potential opportunities.

Detailed Case Study – How We Did It

The brand was well established when we started work and they had a diverse profile of strong links which all seemed very natural so no major work using the disavow strategy to remove spammy links.

The greatest challenge clearly was how competitive the SERPs were for their core keywords, as the top 20 places for all but the most niche of long tail keywords were dominated by international home furniture giants such as Ikea.

As a result of it being a difficult job to compete the company wasn’t receiving a lot of free organic traffic from the search engines.

It was clear to us though they were only thinking about targeting competitive terms when greater opportunities were being missed by not seeing a bigger picture and implementing simple strategies to rank for more long-tail terms with the same pages and content.

Therefore our goals were to:

  • Increase visibility for more long tail, conversion focused keywords. Upon competitive analysis a number of long tail opportunities presented themselves which meant with a few tweaks we could rank for more search phrases resulting in more organic traffic. This represented a good “quick win” opportunities.
  • Ensure correct on-site optimisation.The site had several issues with optimisation which may have been relevant a few years ago but after recent algorithm updates had not been rectified. One on-site optimisation we made was to improve the URL’s and remove pages with thin content such as category pages.
  • Push core keywords into the index. The long-term approach was to try help the brand rank for some of the more competitive terms by working on moving pages from page 2 to page 1 by building links and improving content on the page.
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