Business With a Purpose

Business With a Purpose

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Business with a Purpose is the book for you if you want to start and succeed in your own business, especially during stormy economic times. It gives you the tools to start, manage, grow and protect your new business. Business with a Purpose is actually two volumes in one. Volume 1 is Starting and Operating Your New Business. Volume 2 is Building Your New Business and Keeping Track of It. Business with a Purpose goes beyond the typical how-to guide or God wants you to be in business and be the successful theme. It helps you, as an aspiring entrepreneur, to do a self-evaluation and then helps you hone your creativity, and shows you how to use it strategically in business. The overall theme of Business with a Purpose is to build on the three T’s (time, talent, and treasures) that God gave you through creativity, good management, and minimizing risk.

There are a number of guerilla business-building techniques explored that will add to your business building and management toolbox.

Business with a Purpose is based on these three simple principles:

     You have to get out of the boat before you can walk on water.

     God will be there to help you when the economic seas are calm and when they are stormy.

     The simple fact is you can’t be successful in business if you don’t start one.

Faith in God is a tremendous advantage in business. If you believe in God your faith will enhance your creativity and creativity is the primary advantage that new and small businesses have over big business. This same faith will serve as your foundation for moving into the unfamiliar waters of entrepreneurship and succeeding. If you have the desire to start your business and you have God as your partner then all you need is the proper business toolbox to start your business. Business with a Purpose is that toolbox. Many people want to start a business but don’t know where to start and they feel the odds are against them. There is also a widely held perception that it is almost impossible to be a good Christian and a successful businessperson. This could not be further from the truth. There are many examples of good Christian businessmen in the Bible, and there are many examples of contemporary businessmen that are Christians. The Bible is also very rich with principles and insights on how to build and conduct a successful God-centered business.

 Business with a Purpose has thirteen information-packed chapters:

1) Introduction

2) Overview of Small Business in America

3) Some Basic Christian Principles for Business

4) Relevant Thoughts from Great Minds

5) Do You Really Want to be an Entrepreneur?

6) What Business Do You want to Start?

7) The Business Plan and Operating Your business

8) Forming Your Business

9)Financing Your Business

10) Keeping Track of Your Business

11) Creative Thinking in Business

12) Growing Your Business

13)Risk Management

 What others have to say about Business with a Purpose:

Ron Blue, one of the most highly respected and widely published Christian writers today - “In my over 30 years of experience in starting my own businesses, as well as counseling others in starting theirs, I would have relished having this book.”

Dudley Rutherford, Senior Pastor, Shepherd of the Hills Church, Porter Ranch, CA (over 15,000 average attendance) – “Business with a Purpose is, in essence, a business bible.”

Rick Kasel, Pastor, Stewardship and Estate Planning, Shepherd of the Hills, Porter Ranch, CA – “Business with a Purpose uniquely addresses and connects the creativity in small business with the creator as the resource, and our relationship as Christians with that Creator.”


Sue Jesse, Vice President of Operations and Co-founder, Smart Post Sound, Burbank, CA – “I would think anyone would be foolish not to read this cover to cover if they were considering starting their own business.”

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