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How Are The Jewish, Muslim And Christian Faiths Similar And How Are They Different. Why Is Is So Hard For The Major Faiths To Live In Peace Together?
Exploring the similarities and differences between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity is a journey into the heart of humanity's spiritual landscape. These three Abrahamic religions share a common foundation, yet their paths diverge in significant ways, reflecting diverse interpretations of faith, practice, and divine revelation. The roots of Judaism stretch back to ancient times when Abraham’s covenant with God laid the groundwork for a monotheistic belief system that would later influence countless generations. It is my personal belief that all believers of monotheistic faiths will be together in the hereafter.
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You go out of this world the same way you came into it - NOT TRUE

You go out of this world the person you have become. I grew up hearing “you will go out if this world the same way you came into it.” I don’t agree with this at all. I came into this world as a baby, I will go out as a father, son, grandson, entrepreneur, believer, adult and many other things. We leave this planet with the memories we have created, some good, some not so good.  


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