The History of Cannabis


Cannabis has one of the most spectacular histories of any plant on Earth. Ancient cultures used the plant to craft ropes, sails, and paper. Their medical systems employed cannabis to treat ailments, and their religions used the herb to become closer to the divine, and even banish evil spirits. Discover the vast history of cannabis below.

Today, millions of people use cannabis across the world. However, like many of the common fruits and vegetables that we enjoy, cannabis started out as a wild species confined to a small ecological area.

Since discovering cannabis, humans have spread the plant to all corners of the Earth and domesticated it. They have gone on to create hybrids and differing varieties, and used it to create medicines and industrial materials.

Starting out as just another wild plant species, cannabis quickly became one of the most versatile yet controversial herbs in human history. It served as a means of crafting ropes, sails, and paper. Royalty used it as a medicine to conquer pain. Religious believers harnessed its psychoactive properties to feel closer to the divine.

In the modern era, researchers have unveiled the chemical complexity of the herb. Breeders have created varieties that contain far higher quantities of cannabinoids and terpenes than their wild landrace ancestors. Currently, thousands of people are sitting behind bars simply for possessing the herb.

Cannabis has clearly had a significant impact on human culture over the last few thousand years. So let's discover precisely where cannabis comes from, how it spread across nations, and how the world sees this prevalent plant today.