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Who is Neil Thomas Langdon?

How I went from studying for a sports degree, temping so that I could travel, to becoming the head of global marketing for a company that made over £10 million in 2016…

And now launching a digital marketing agency to help others succeed online!

It all started back in 2009. I was in my twenties, just returned home after travelling the world, and basically … not knowing what to do with my life.

I was unfulfilled by working in the finance industry …

When you compare it to travelling as you can see from the image below it wasn’t much FUN!

Neil Thomas Langdon about

I certainly had no desire to wear a suit and tie every day, to work 40 hours a week in a monotonous job …

That’s when I was offered a job by someone I knew through football working for a website.

At first, it was mainly just an administrative role helping with the accounting, customer service and a little bit of marketing.

It was at this point my eyes were opened to the world of selling and running a business online.

And that’s when I started geeking out…

Over the next two years, I devoured everything I could on Digital Marketing …

I read books, listened to podcasts, watched webinars, read blog posts—basically anything and everything I could get my hands on …(in fact I still do)

Absorbing the information like a sponge, watching the masters and following their lead.

At the time, I was noticing stories of individuals who were making money with internet marketing. With every story I read, it made me believe more and more I could do the same …

That’s when I decided I’d start my own websites.

My first try at entrepreneurship was affiliate marketing …

This seemed like the fastest and easiest path to success because I could simply market others’ products and earn a commission, without having to take the time to create and test products of my own …

So I started with a few niche blogs in the travel and discount code sectors, and through the art of SEO…

I grew those blogs from zero to around £900 per month in just 7 months.

From this point on, I was addicted even though it wasn’t the riches I had originally set out to achieve I knew as a side project and only spending a couple hours a week on the website, it wasn’t too shabby…

But then … I crashed and burned …

The unthinkable happened, something I hadn’t considered until reality smacked me in the face…

Google changed their algorithm, and when the SEO crash happened, my rankings plummeted … along with my income. 

To compound the issue I also had to then explain to my directors where all our organic traffic had suddenly gone and why sales were so poor.

As a result, I had to start over at square one … 

It was a real low point for me.

I was sad and felt so helpless. I just couldn’t understand why I had not get my head around SEO.

In fact, I did everything I had learnt from all the so-called SEO “experts”.

  • I kept my websites updated with fresh, quality content.
  • I did all the on-page optimization – I updated my title tags, description tags, Alt tags etc.
  • Then I promoted my content on social media.
  • I published a lot of articles

But this approach simply didn’t work.

I quickly realised that the advice I was following to  “just publish great content and the website visitors will come” approach worked GREAT for existing big brands and bloggers with huge followings.

But it simply didn’t work for a small business or a brand new blog.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream.

I was scared to death I would lose my job and worried sick about how I was going to pay the bills.

It became like a sport for me and a challenge I was not prepared to lose.

I saw this as my my Mount Everest and I was going to conquer it so I decided to switch things up.

Instead, I knuckled down and tested everything and modelled those who were being successful.

And after months of trying to figure SEO out I discovered something surprising…

At that point, everything changed!

I discovered that:

Most people believe the secret to first page rankings and targeted traffic is to publish “great content”.

Instead, I’ve discovered that there are certain TYPES of “great content” that actually get results.

And most important of all, you need to strategically promote every piece of content that you publish.

Applying what I’d learned, I was able to help sales skyrocket! 

To make a long story short, I mastered the art of not only running PPC ads, but understanding how to attract traffic through SEO and convert them into sales.

A few years later and I am now head of global marketing for a company making over £10 million a year…

Not bad for someone who started out not knowing a thing about digital marketing.

I’m not sharing all this with you to brag…

It’s to show you what’s possible when you generate lots of targeted traffic to your site.

Because the truth is this:

I know most of the SEO strategies people write about don’t work.

There’s a simple reason for that:

Most of these “strategies” are based on theory…not real world testing.

I shared my story to show you that I’m not one of those lame “SEO gurus” that just tells other people to “write great content”.

I know how to get real world results in challenging industries…because I’ve actually done it!

Because for any business anywhere in the world the most valuable skill to master as an entrepreneur or business owner is knowing how to get customers in the door.

Over the last 7 years of working online, I have done a lot of things right…

But I have also done a lot of things wrong…

And my goal is to show you the right way to do things so you can cut out all the wrong things.

Sure, you can try to put the pieces together and work out SEO and marketing online for yourself from blog posts, forums and YouTube videos.

Or you can have it the easy way.

Reach out to me and ask for some free advice on how to develop your business online.

Because I have decided to take the knowledge I have had from implementing and testing a variety of digital marketing techniques and teach others to do the same …

Here at Pure Audacity we aim to create and execute cost effective and strategic marketing plans, to take your business to the next level.

We drive traffic and get you leads that turn into customers.